Affinity Consultants

There are no shortages of options when it comes to affinity groups, but without the help of affinity consultants, you may end up with what seems like a match made in heaven, but in reality it is your biggest business nightmare!

Affinity groups and organizations come in many different forms and are structured differently depending on the individual group. These are all dependent on how the collective of its members decide they want their group to function and make decisions.

Some affinity groups make decisions by consensus vote.

If all or a majority of a group’s members decide that, yes, they see an affinity partnership with your business as something that would be beneficial for all members, and if your business ethics fall in line or coincide with the group’s own code of ethics, they will more than likely join with you and promote your products to the group members.

There are many benefits to entering an affinity partnership, as long as you find the right one for your business. And THAT is where affinity consultants come into the picture.

Affinity consultants live, breathe, eat (ok… dramatic) affinity groups and organizations and they have the knowledge and “know how” to advise you on what affinity organization would work best with your business.

It is not an easy decision to make. There are so many different types of affinity groups to choose from. Not all of them are suited for you business.

Think of it like a marriage. The perfect marriage between two people is when one person completely fulfills the other’s needs and makes that person a more complete individual, just by their involvement with them.

Most of the time when a marriage ends in divorce, it is because the proper amount of “research” hasn’t occurred. They haven’t gotten familiar enough with who that person is or how they would work as a partner. When it comes to a marriage (whether between individuals or businesses) there needs to be a solid foundation of trust and support for one another.

These principles very much apply when selecting the proper affinity organization. Affinity consultants help facilitate that process and help make the decision smoother.

The best affinity partnerships are ones where both the business and the affinity organization are on the same wavelength when it comes to overall marketing approach, quality control, client and member benefits, and success metrics. If there is a general cohesiveness on these points, you’ve got a great thing there!

It is not always an easy thing to find that “Zenful” place with so many different affinity groups and organizations available. It’s ok to ask for help sometimes!

Business owners are some of the bravest and most resilient people in the world! Not many have the gumption or courage to poor their entire being into the business they feel so passionately about. It takes a significant amount of courage to take the chance and go for it.

New businesses pop up all the time, but most of them do not succeed because they don’t have the proper support helping and guiding them in the right direction. Small, seemingly insignificant decisions can be the death of any business.

Usually because the business owner didn’t have the proper resources to understand that the “small” decision they just made could ultimately be their undoing.

A business owner must wear so many different hats at any given time. Salesperson, boss, HR manager, janitor, operations head, etc. It is literally too much for most people to juggle all those different rolls and stay sane, let alone organized.

The proper support can be crucial. Having a foundation of reliable resources and information can do wonders for any business!

Relinquishing the legwork of researching different affinity groups can free up your time better spent on your customers, staff, and the maintenance of your store. You can’t do it all on your own… and if you can, we may have a job opening for you! (Kidding… we like what we do.)

Take a load off. Let someone do something for you for a change. Let an affinity consultant dive in and catch the best affinity group suited to your business needs! They get paid to be the best… why not let them do what they do best.

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