Merchant Account

Merchant Solutions

If you own a business and have a merchant account set up through your financial institution, you are receiving merchant solutions. Not necessarily directly from your bank, although some may be provided by them.

And it’s not just one thing you’re getting… you’re getting multiple solutions. This includes a multitude of different hardware, software, and online support provided by your credit processor.

If you take credit card payments, if you have those little card swiper terminals, if you sell merchandise or services online, you are most likely already reaping the rewards of merchant solutions.

Solutions for merchants are just this: solutions.

Say you are a merchant who wants to stay competitive in the modern marketplace. You need to be able to accept credit card payments.

Credit card terminals and POS systems are the “solution” or answer to this need.

You have an online marketplace and sell goods/services over the Internet. A payment gateway is your solution.

If you’re a mobile business and need to be able to work while on the road, mobile credit card swipers attach to your smartphone or tablet are a “solution” to this need.

Of course with all credit card payments, whether face-to-face or online, you need to have a secure method of payment. Merchant solutions provides you with a secure means to conduct transactions with your customers in a safe way.

Protecting your customers is, or at least it should be, your number one priority. We believe it is. And because it is, you need the solutions for you as a merchant to make sure your customers are safe!

They come to you for all of their wares because they like you, they like your business, and they enjoy the quality merchandise and services you provide them.

They also feel comfortable coming to you because they feel a sense of security when they do business with you.

This sense of security isn’t provided directly from the fact you sell them things. It comes from the secure ways you allow them to purchase those products and merchandise.

Everyone uses plastic to shop these days. Even if it isn’t a credit card, most people have a debit card which is used in the exact same way.

When they pay for merchandise, whether it be with a credit card or a debit card, they are basically relinquishing a lot of personal information in order to purchase those items.

They are trusting their personal information will be kept secure from fraud or from being stolen and used in a way which could potentially put them in jeopardy.

Your business needs to be prepared to take on this responsibility. Merchant solutions provide you with all the tools necessary to be properly equipped to handle anything which comes through your doors.

There are a lot of different companies who provide merchant solutions so it depends on what you have a need for.

What type of business are you running? What are your business’ specific needs to run it the most efficiently?

If you are a small restaurant owner, part of the solutions you need involves getting set up with POS systems, including touch screen terminals, printers, and cash registers.

These hardware items are integral for many different types of businesses. In addition to those hardware items, you need the proper software installed on them. This software is also a solution.

Of course, the work is never over! Just because you get your business up and running doesn’t mean you can kick back and just watch the revenue flow in.

You will need a lot of support to make sure you, in fact, do keep your business up and running.

When we talk about merchant solutions, we are referring to more than just hardware and software tools. Technical support is also very necessary for maintaining those hardware and software tools.

There are merchant solution providers who also offer software and technical support as part of their ongoing service for using their merchant solutions packages.

Plus, you may need consulting support for things like PCI.

Or perhaps, you need access to advanced data tracking so you can hone in, stop money leakage and make your business more efficient than you ever imagined!

These and other available merchant solutions are designed specifically to provide support to you and your business. Without them, you would be sorely remiss and your business would suffer.

Hire a professional! It’s their job to provide you with the best and most useful tools and support.

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