Non-profit Partnership

“It’s not personal, it’s business.” Most everyone has heard this expression, right?

Non-profit partnerships like to flirt with this distinction. If they had their own saying it would be more like, “It’s always personal, with some business mixed in.”

Most non-profit organizations start when people sharing one goal join together. They have one vision. One dream! They work together to fight for this dream.

Their ideologies and goals are most definitely personal to them!

The label “non-profit partnership” describes the joining of two separate entities.

Sometimes it can be two non-profits groups who band together to fight for a cause. Other times a non-profit group will partner with a business to learn better skills from it.

The business world lives and breathes from its ability to form partnerships.

Partnerships are an important part of business, especially successful ones. One business partnering with another to create a beneficial situation for both! It’s how the business world goes ’round.

You could compare it to a marriage between two people. A couple who decides to get married believes in the other person. They care a lot about that person and believe in their ability to contribute to the relationship.

Every marriage exists because of trust and belief in the other person. Both people commit to supporting and providing for the other. If one of them is not pulling their “weight,” the whole partnership is in jeopardy.

A non-profit partnership should function just like a healthy marriage. The joining of two separate groups of people for the benefit of both.

As with a marriage, if the union or partnership is corrupted in some way, the whole thing could fall apart.
It is important both are in agreement about how and why the partnership will be beneficial to them. If they are not in full agreement with each other, there is a much greater chance it will not be successful.

The main goal for most businesses is generating profits and increasing value for shareholders. This is most often why they create partnerships.

A company can have as many partnerships as it chooses. But, each one is created with the company’s best interest in mind. If a potential partnership does not bode well for the company, they will not join in it. Or at least they shouldn’t.

Do not underestimate the potential value of non-profit partnerships! They can be invaluable to your business.

Not every company forms non-profit partnerships for their own financial gains. In a lot of cases they do it because they recognize intangible benefits for their employees.

Some businesses encourage their employees to be active in their community. A great way for them to promote this is through non-profit partnerships. Many non-profit groups have community outreach programs employees can join.

Non-profit partnerships are different than normal business partnerships.

If you’re a business owner, there are a few things to know if you’re considering a non-profit partnership.
I’m guessing you have already recognized the potential value of such a partnership for your company… You wouldn’t be considering it if you didn’t, right?

One key thing to remember is, non-profits might have different motivations than you do. They most definitely aren’t in it for the money. They are non-profits!

The only time they care about money is when it helps their cause.

This may leave you wondering, “Why, then?” Why would they consider forming a partnership with a company if not for money?

Each one has different reasons for entering a partnership, of course. One way they gain from it is through added resources.

Forming a partnership with a company could help them build their management expertise.

Or, they may also be able to tap into in-house business tools which could help them be more efficient.

I like analogies, so here’s another one for you…

Think of non-profits as a man or a woman who really wants a house and kids one day. They may be able to get halfway there on their own, right? They could buy a house.

But, if they do not find a good “partner” they may not succeed in making both of their goals a reality, will they?

A non-profit partnership represents the “partner” they’ve been waiting for. The partner who will help them succeed in getting ALL the way to the finish line!

If you’re a business owner, why should you consider a non-profit partnership?

What’s in it for your company?

There are a lot of benefits to forming a partnership with a non-profit organization. A lot of non-profits offer skills training and help prepare people to join the workforce.

This could be helpful for your company if you are in need of employee training or need new employees.
Another way is if you are trying to get your current employees more involved in their community.

Partnering with a non-profit who does a lot of community outreach could help with this!

There are many great advantages to forming non-profit partnerships. Each one comes with its own benefits for each party involved.

So, take your pick and… happy partnering! Learn more by visiting