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Point of Purchase

There are few things in a brick-and-mortar business more important the point of purchase, also commonly referred to as the point of sale (POS).

The point of purchase is fairly self-explanatory. It is the point in time when your customer has found the items she is looking for, decides she is ready to buy, and makes her way to the front of your business to pay for her choices.

The cash-out area, the checkout stand, the sales register, the clerk’s desk, etc. It has many labels but they all refer to the same thing. It is the last stop your customer makes before she exits your store.

The POS system is your point of sale or point of purchase. All the money which comes into your store eventually filters through your POS register. There are many different variations of POS systems, but they all share certain pieces of hardware in common.

Point of sale systems typically come with a digital readout or screen attached or mounted on top of the cash drawer. The cash drawer is where (obviously) the cash is kept. Most cash drawers are spring loaded and secured on the front with a deadbolt.

They can also be opened manually with a key. Typically the only person with the key to the cash drawer is the supervisor or business owner. This eliminates the possibility for unauthorized opening of the cash drawer.

The POS system’s built in software keeps track of every transaction and every time the cash drawer is opened, both automatic and manual openings.

Most drawers also have two slots on the front of the cash drawer where checks and credit card slips can be inserted into without the need to open it. This adds an extra level of security. It is an added deterrent for would-be thieves.

Especially for businesses who have a lot of foot traffic on a daily basis (gas stations, convenience stores, etc.) this added safety feature is especially helpful in preventing theft.

The digital readout or touch screen is where the customer’s items and total are displayed. If it is a touch screen system, the clerk uses it to add, edit, or delete items from the customer’s order. Most fast-food restaurants and coffee shops/cafes use this kind of touch screen POS system.

Most POS systems come with a scanner for scanning items into the system as well as a printer for printing customers’ receipts and sales reports.

When your customer is finished buying their items, your clerks can provide them with “proof of purchase” by giving them a printed receipt from your POS system’s printer.

Many new systems which use tablets and smartphones with POS software installed can simply email the customer their receipt, if they wish. Although, if you choose to go with this system, it’s still a good idea to have a physical printer.

Some customers would rather not give out their email address and would rather have a physical copy of their purchase. Of course, you want to appease all of your customers, right?

Your Point of Purchase system is useful in many ways. Besides keeping all of your cash, checks, and credit card slips safe, many of them also have back office software built in. You can print out daily, weekly, or monthly sales reports so you can see what items are selling and which aren’t.

This can be an especially useful feature when it comes to fulfilling your orders. It will help you phase out or lessen your orders of merchandise which isn’t selling well.

Your POS system can also help with your inventory.

It keeps track of all merchandise coming and going from your store. When you get new product you simply scan it into your system. Can you imagine if you still had to count your entire inventory every day?

Most POS systems also allow your employees to clock in and out of the system.

Each POS system comes with the basics necessary to get your point of purchase/cash out area ready to rock. Touch screen, cash drawer, printer, and scanner. They are very easy to set up and get started. Just plug in and get going!

The point of purchase is the most important part of the overall experience. It is when and where your business makes its money! Literally.

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