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Touch Screen Cash Register

It seems everything nowadays is so much easier than when I was a kid, especially when it comes to computers. This great contraption called the touch screen cash register is no different.

Computers used to be such a foreign object so few people knew how to use. You were never quite sure if they would even work when you turned them on. And even when they did turn on, what could you do with them?

You could do simple math problems like 2+2 = 4, but even this took typing in a code first every time. There were a few games you could play and a few “programs” you could try to fool around with, and not much else.

Massive monitors, floppy disks, DOS, no hard drives, etc. There was usually a lot of banging on the sides and top of the monitors but not a whole lot of productivity came out of them.
Just a big pain.

It is pretty wild to think you would have to combine several hundred of those old computers to match the technology found in just one iPhone today.

The technology of the PC has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few decades. As a result, so have business-use computers. There are now entire companies dedicated to designing computers specifically for business use.

You can see them everywhere you go. In fact, you use them yourself on a daily basis, at least to some small capacity.

When you go through the self-checkout at the market you use touch screen “registers”. Every time you use an ATM at your bank you are using touch screen computers. Even the little credit card readers at gas stations are touch screen computers.

These are, of course, not the same types of registers clerks and restaurant workers use. However, they are another form of touch screen computer.

The kind of touch screen computers we are referring to here are the kind you see the clerks at the gas station using. Touch screen cash registers. Many different types of businesses use them. Fast food and even fine dining restaurants use them.

They are fast, easy to use, and simple to learn.

You can program most touch screen registers to have certain commands on each screen. This is especially helpful for restaurants, for instance, who have large menus. They can group their appetizers on the first page. Then follow that on the second page with the salad course, and then on to dinner and dessert on the pages to follow.

The author of this article has worked in a restaurant before. Every restaurant I’ve worked in (3) has had a different version of these touch screen computers. They are as easy to learn how to navigate through as they are setting them up.

It was only on rare occasions we experienced a problem with them. But when we did, you definitely began to understand why they were so important to the restaurant.

Believe me, the day there is a power failure at work is the day you wish you’d stayed home in bed. Talk about a complete nightmare. There is nothing worse than a restaurant whose computers take a holiday for the day. Trust me on this!

Every order had to be handwritten as well as every receipt for every customer. It could get pretty chaotic and everyone’s stress level immediately went through the roof. You would get an immediate sinking feeling in your stomach as soon as you heard the computers went down.

It’s hard to imagine how restaurants survived for so long without these touchscreen wonders!
As far as the registers themselves, they are usually compact and simple looking. The user only needs to follow a few easy steps to set up their register and they can have it ready to go within minutes.

The command prompts appear as touch buttons on a digital screen. There is no need for a mouse for the registers because everything is touch sensitive. You can navigate through the computer with a few touches of your finger.

They are setup to work seamlessly with your register functions. They do this in the same way non-touch screen registers do, except better and faster. Some will come with a scanner for scanning goods into the computer. You can also add one. Pretty much every model comes with a printer for receipts.

These machines are a must for businesses who see a large number of people every day. They are fast and efficient! They are easy to set up with great learning curve required to do so.

Just plug in, program and go!

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